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Ever asked yourself "Where can't I fly my drone in the UK?" or "What does a Flight Restriction Zone mean?" can help. Your free, easy to use tool showing no fly zones in the UK. We use the rules and regulations of the UK Air Navigation Order (CAP393) to present a simple graphical tool to aid safe flight planning for hobbyists and professional drone operators alike.

NOTE: Drone flights taking place after 13th March 2019 will need to comply with a new layout of flight restriction zones.

View new flight restriction zones effective 13th March 2019 HERE


Military Aerodrome Traffic Zones
Controlled Airspace, Aerodromes and Airports
Danger Areas and HIRTA's
Restricted Areas
Private Land, By-Laws and Requested Zones
Prohibited Areas / Flight Restriction Zones are not removable

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Danger Areas are areas of military airspace often used for activities such as fighter pilot training, live ammunition training or weapons and systems testing (including GPS jamming exercises). The official definition is “An airspace of defined dimensions within which activities dangerous to the flight of aircraft may exist at specified time. HIRTA’s are High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas, flying through these areas could interfere with the electronics on board your drone.


Prohibited Areas are areas of airspace which for one reason or another have been prohibited from having aircraft enter them. The official definition is “An airspace of defined dimensions above the land areas or territorial waters of a State within which the flight of aircraft is prohibited” You will have to investigate the NATS AIP for more information about why the area is prohibited.

Flight Restriction Zones: Inner and Outer Flight Restriction Zones have strict restrictions on drones. Further information can be found in CAP 1687:

If there is an air traffic control unit or a flight information service unit in place (i.e. there is
someone in the ‘control tower’ at the time of the flight that you can speak to), then you cannot
fly in any part of the flight restriction zone without first obtaining the permission of that unit.

The round blue areas on the map indicate Aerodrome Traffic Zones, they surround smaller airports and aerodromes that do not have additional controlled airspace. Other areas of blue identify Controlled Airspace. If you are operating a drone above 7kg you must not fly in these areas without prior permission from the air traffic service provider controlling that airspace.If you are under 7kg, it is still strongly advised to notify the air traffic service provider of your activity.

Restricted Areas protect sensitive locations such as prisons and nuclear facilities. The official definition is “An airspace of defined dimensions above the land areas or territorial waters of a State within which the flight of aircraft is restricted in accordance with certain specified conditions”

Military Aerodrome Traffic Zones, similar to civil Aerodrome Traffic Zones, typically protect military aerodromes in the same way.

These are zones requested by you to be added to the site. Where possible contact details have been added to give drone pilots an opportunity to contact land owners/business owners to arrange a safe drone flight.


NoFlyDrones is a free tool to aid in understanding the airspace in which you are planning to fly your drone, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS). This is a not for profit website and our sole aim is promoting safe small drone operations in the UK. Whether you’re just starting up as a drone operator or a veteran model aircraft pilot, it pays to check the airspace before you fly.


This website is an aid to unmanned aircraft flight planning only it does not replace the mandatory tools and checks required before flight (e.g. NOTAMS, Official Airspace Charts etc.). The data has been derived from official sources however we don’t claim it is fully up to date/correct and this website has not been certified by any governing body and used at your own risk. Please also consider any local by-laws that may forbid the use of drones in areas not depicted on the map (such as royal parks etc.).

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